Solitary mum earns $18K by dating strangers to offer child an improved life. an uncommon option for a task nonetheless it assists her household

Kelly claims the uncommon task has made her a much better mum but insists this woman is no “gold digger”.

A single mum has attained $18,000 by dating strangers in a bid to give her only child a far better life.

Serial dater, Kelly Popilek, 37, has attended countless dates with men – who pay money for her company in the dinning table – to make certain her child, Ariana, 10, leads her life that is best.

With the cash that is extra buy Kelly’s college materials, clothing, and home bills, Kelly is looking to motivate other mums to accomplish exactly the same.

An uncommon option for a work nonetheless it assists her household

Kelly, from California, United States, would like to inform you that simply because she dates for cash that she’s not really a digger’ that is‘gold.