44 GPU Fortnite Benchmark: The Greatest Graphics Cards for Playing Battle Royale

Although we have completely benchmarked PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds at this time and it is on the basis of the exact same UE4 motor as Fortnite, we are however interested to see simply how much better optimized Fortnite is and now we understand lots of you might be also having read your entire needs because of this one.

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For anybody unaware, Fortnite is really a co-op sandbox success game released as an early on access name for Windows, macOS, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One final July also it received a standalone ‘Battle Royale’ mode year that is late last. The name is born for a complete free-to-play launch this current year after Epic Games completes ironing out its kinks, though if you ask me here be seemingly few if any dilemmas, particularly when compared with PUBG.