Haltiwanger is one of a group of economists who a few years ago started producing research showing a decline in U.S. business dynamism. The number of startups has been falling since the 1990s, and so has the number of business failures. Schumpeter’s concept of creative destruction has been as prominent as ever in the rhetoric

The added benefit of enabling HDMI-CEC Routing Control is that the TV will be forced to switch over to the Chromecast input as soon as you start playing content. If you just want to relax after a long day at work, you can ask Google Home to play you the sounds of nature. You can

That’s the kind of approach you often see at the battle bot competitions. I’m not addressing that possibility herein because it doesn’t fit to the theme of truly autonomous self-driving cars. Others suggest that we might actually become closer to our cars due to the AI providing a type of mechanized personality and beckoning us